Occupational Medicine

Ayrfield Medical Practice has over 25 years experience in Occupational Health providing a comprehensive range of services including Pre Employment medicals, Problem medicals, Return to work medicals, Heath surveillance, Industrial Audiometary, Spirometry and Vaccination services as required.

Ayrfield Medical Practice has an excellent track record in Occupation Health with a very good working relationship with many large national and local companies.

Occupational Health Doctors:

Dr Bill Cuddihy, Diploma (with Distinction) in Safety Health & Welfare of Work (UCD), Fellow of Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine with particular interest in Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Dr John Cuddihy, Higher Diploma in Occupational Health (UCD)1992 with special interest in Mental Health and Addiction issues in the workplace.

Dr Tadhg Crowley, Diploma in Occupational Medicine from Faculty of Occupational Medicine (London) with special interest in Primary Prevention of Hazards in the workplace, Hearing loss and Absenteeism.

Dr Frank Chambers, Licentiate of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in Ireland. Special interest Stress in the workplace.




Industrial Audiometry:

Ayrfield Medical Practice provides full I.A. services using sound proof booth and audiometer in keeping with the appropriate ISO and EU standards. This service is provided as part of pre employment medicals and Health Surveillance where noise induced hearing loss has been identified as a hazard in the workplace.


Ayrfield Medical Practice provides full spirometry services to comprehensively asses lung function as part of Pre Employment and Health survelliance where occupational Asthma has been identified as a possible hazard.

Pre Employment Medicals:

Pre Employment Medicals comprise of detailed medical questionnaire followed by comprehensive examination. Our experienced nurses complete a detailed focused questionnaire with prospective employees with emphasis on past medical history, previous employment history with particular emphasis on previous exposure to hazards in the workplace, such as noise, asthma and musculoskeletal problems arising from manual handling at work and workplace stress.

Medical Exams:

Medical examination by one of our doctors following on from our full questionnaire involves

  • Physical examination of basic health particulars.
  • Cardiovascular, Respiratory including spirometry assessment.
  • Urinary  examination
  •  Assessment of musculoskeletal function, neurological exam,
  • Comprehensive eyesight exam using Keystone visual assessment.
  • Hearing test including audiometry.

Fitness for work:

An assessment of fitness for work is based on findings in questionnaire and examination and relates to particular role description.

Problem Medicals and Return to Work medicals:

 Our experienced team have been providing expert medical advice to national and local companies in relation to health problems in the work place, ranging from:

 Alcohol and substance abuse.

 Work related stress and psychological issues.

 Work related injuries including musculoskeletal disorders and back pain.

 Hazards in work place including, noise, dust, and other respiratory irritants.


Workers who travel for work overseas who are exposed to hazards such as contaminated water, need appropriate vaccinations and Ayrfield Medical Practice is a recognised Vaccination Centre with an extensive range of appropriate vaccines available.