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Private Patients

Doctor Consultation €70

Doctor Review Visit (within 10 days)€40

Family/Extended Visit € 70

Home Visit€70

Nurse Consultation €40

24 Hr Blood Pressure Monitor and Interpretation €75

ECG with Nurse €40

Audiometry and Interpretation €75

Driving Medical €60

Minor Surgery (if not covered by private health insurance)€100- €150

Private Prescription €20

Implanon Insertion €100 

Implanon Removal €150 

Mirena Insertion (3 visits) €225 

Mirena Removal  €55 

Spirometry and Interpretation (Dr and Nurse Visits)€75

STI Screening €100

Sutures (if not covered by private health insurance)€90

Dressings from €35

Forms / Letters €20

GMS Patients

 Some services are not covered by the medical card these include:

Driving Medical €25

STI Screening €60

Forms/Letters €20

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