Dr Justin Kwong -Vascetomy Services and Minor Ops

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Dr Kwong visits the practice regularly to perform a range of minor surgical procedures in our clinic, this service is for those registered with this practice only.

Minor procedures are by appointment only.

Except in the case of emergencies one of our gp's will make an assessment.

 Prior to these procedures an initial consultation with a doctor is needed who will arrange the referral for the  minor op procedure with Dr Kwong.

Dr Kwong provides minor procedures under local and regional anesthetic.

The following minor procedures can be arranged:

Abscess  Drainage

Vasectomy Services
Skin biopsy to help and confirm the diagnosis of skin lesions
Removal of moles and pigmented lesions
Removal of Sebaceous Cysts
Removal of ingrown toenail
Removal of skin tags
Cryo Surgery: Warts , verrucas and other skin lesions.

Cryotherapy is a specialised way of removing skin warts, tags and sunspots. The lesions are removed by using liquid nitrogen that freezes the area. The treatment takes several minutes and involves spraying the area with liquid nitrogen for seconds using a specialised dispenser. Side effects can include pain, discolouration of the skin, blistering and mild irritation.

All skin lesions and skin biopsies that are surgically  removed are sent to the pathology laboratory in Waterford regional hospital where they are examined under the microscope and a report is sent back to the GP.

We will ask you to sign a consent prior to the procedure to make sure you understand the nature of the procedure and potential side effects.


Direct cover is available with Healthcare providers who will pay directly for most of these procedures. Most of these procedures are available free on the medical card. The price list is available at reception.

We ask you to check with your insurer that the procedure is included under your plan prior to appointment.

To arrange an initial consultation with our gp's please phone the surgery on 056 7721320