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Health Matters

Well Woman Check

Contraception advice

Sexual Health Services (STI Clinic)

Fertility Investigations

Maternity Services

Cervical Cancer Screening (

Woman & Doctor
Women's Health: Service
Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman


We provide Full GP maternity services such as:

  • Pre conception counselling

  • Fertility investigations

  • Antenatal services

  • Post-natal care

  • Breast feeding advice and support

  • Contraceptive services

If you have any queries please call the surgery for advice at 056 7721320.

Some useful links regarding pregnancy:

Maternity Benefit Form 

The Women's Health Group, Ayrfield Medical Park. 

ReproMed, Ayrfield Medical Park 

Antenatal Online 

La Leche League Ireland 

Crisis Pregnancy 

Free six week check up and examination .

All mothers and infants who have signed the mother and child scheme during pregnancy are entitled to a free examination at six week post delivery.
This is a very important examination for the child as they are checked for heart murmurs.

Their eyes, skull, hips, pulses, weight and feeding are examined.

Their development such as smiling ,eye contact and head holding is assessed.

Women's Health: Service


We look after children from birth, through childhood and adolescence.

We provide service covered by the Under 6's Scheme. 

  • Childhood vaccinations

  • 6 week newborn check

  • General childhood illnesses

  • Childhood Asthma Service

  • Childhood Vaccinations

At Ayrfield Medical Centre we offer a comprehensive childhood vaccination service free to all, from the age of two months.

Vaccinations are carried out by the Nurse. Appointments can be made by calling 056 7721320.

Runny noses are not a reason to delay a vaccination but if a child has a temperature you will need to reschedule the vaccination .Your doctor will talk to you about the vaccinations at the baby's six week check up .Your
doctor will explain the vaccinations in detail to you at that time and answer any questions or queries you may have.

These vaccinations are very important for your baby as they can prevent some very serious childhood illnesses.

The recommended childhood immunisations list below are FREE of charge.

Primary Childhood Immunisation Schedule

Before Vaccination Information

After Vaccination Information

Parent Guide to Childhood Immunisation

Childhood Asthma

Childhood Asthma is assessed and examined. Review by doctor of symptoms and effect on sport and lifestyle.Review by Asthma nurse of inhaler suitability
and technique of using same-also of peak flow ,weight and height.

All Childhood Illnesses

Doctors are available to deal with all childhood illnesses. Increasingly we
are seeing problems with children of being overweight.This can be a hard
problem for parents to deal with on their own .We would encourage parents
who are worrying about their children being overweight to contact us.We can
go though different options with them and if necessary refer them on to our
primary care dietician for management.


Teenagers also need attention.This can be a difficult time.
Problems such as:

1.Painful  irregular or delayed periods
2.Emotional problems such as anxiety .depression or bullying,family
problems or bereavement.
4.Contraceptive advise.
5.Advice about sexually transmitted infection.
6.Alcohol or drug addiction.

If you have any queries about any of the above please contact your GP or Practice Nurse at Ayrfield Medical Practice on 0567721320

Men's Health

"A men's health issue is a disease or condition unique to men, more prevalent in men, more serious among men, for which risk factors are different for men, or for which different interventions are required for men"

Men in Ireland experience a disproportionate burden of ill health. Our aim in Ayrfield Medical Practice is to create an environment, physically and psychologically, which will allow for ease of consultations for men. 

We offer advice on all aspects of your health and wellbeing, and also offer well man screening, which includes a thorough personal history, family history of relevant illnesses, examination including weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure, ECG (heart tracing) plus prostate or testicular examination if appropriate. You will also have fasting bloods taken.

We offer a full screening service for sexually transmitted infections (STI Screening). Unfortunately there are a large number of such infections in circulation, many of which can be picked up easily by men or women.  In many cases you may not even know you are infected so therefore can pass on an infection to a partner without realising it. 

The men’s health consultation can be quite extensive and the doctors will be open to discuss a huge array of topics some of which men may feel are embarrassing and find it difficult to talk about. Our earnest hope is that at all times by our demeanour and openness that we will allay those fears.

If you have any queries regarding you can contact your G.P. in Ayrfield Medical Practice for an appointment on 056 7721320.

Men’s Health Check Available

Check Includes:

Blood Pressure

Stroke Risk Assessment

Heart Check

BMI- Body Mass Index and Target Weight

Blood Tests (screening for the following)

Prostate Cancer

Cholesterol/ Lipids


Full Blood Assessment

Thyroid Gland

Kidney and Liver Health

Influenza vaccine available on request.

 Call 0567721320 and book in for a Men’s Health Check

 Cost €60

Influenza vaccine additional €15

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